Assets Valuations

Movable and immovable asset valuation services for the following purposes:

- Litigation & arbitration
- Feasibility studies
- Highest and best use analyses
- Portfolio analyses
- Due diligence
- Objections & appeals
- Expropriations
- Acquisition and sales
- Mortgage lending
- Financial reporting
- Investment
- Insurance
- Deceased estates valuations and tax
- Surface right lease agreement
- Rating and Rates
- Rental value determination & review
- Auctions

Asset valuation purposes include but are not limited to:

- Trustworthy and knowledgeable persons in the field
- Good turnaround times
- Offices in all major cities to assist in vehicle valuations
- Experts in determine values on fleet vehicles, agricultural equipment inclusive of tractors, Construction equipment, Commercial vehicles and mining equipment also known as yellow metal
- Valuations on repossessed vehicle for financial institutions, late estate vehicles, divorce cases where vehicles are involved

DDP specialises in the valuation of plant and machinery of all asset types across the industrial sectors and has an established reputation with expertise and knowledge. Our valuation services are in compliance with international valuation standards and utilising best practice. DDP offers a full service consultancy with a personalised touch. We have undertaken valuations of both small and large scale Plant, Machinery and Assets.

Such valuations are normally undertaken for the following reasons:
- Buying
- Selling
- Financing
- Financial Reporting
- Asset Verification
- Estimated Remaining Useful Life

Our asset valuation services can assist with valuations around furniture, fixtures & equipment. Also known as FF&E (Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment), office equipment is defined as the tangible longterm assets of a business used to conduct daily operations. Examples include computers, product display fixtures and office furniture. DDP has extensive knowledge with regard to FF&E valuations and has complied many such reports. With attention to detail and professional service, DDP is well placed to determine the value of such assets.

The Public Finance Management Act of South Africa requires public entities to prepare asset registers in accordance with Statements of Generally Recognized Accounting Practice (GRAP) as prescribed in GRAP standards 12 (inventory), 16 (Investment), 17 (PPE) and 103 (Heritage). DDP offers an expert service in identifying and compiling complete asset registers, recognize and classify assets into various GRAP asset registers and determining accurate values using audit tested valuation methods.

An asset register is an accounting list of assets belonging to an entity and can be defined as a statement of an organisation which lists the assets that it owns such as land, buildings, office equipment, machinery, patents, trademarks, copyrights, etc. It is crucial for any institution, government or private, to maintain trust worthy asset registers. DDP offers an expert service in compiling easily recallable asset registers by using time tested methods to determine complete registers with accurate values using globally acceptable valuation methods.


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