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Finding a residential property valuation you can trust doesn't have to be hard. DDP's expert Valuer team can assist you with all your property valuation needs.

Their experience, resources and knowledge made DDP the trademark it is today, uncompromising on value, time and cost. Their contribution to property valuation standards particularly in the residential environment leads to a continued empowerment of clients ranging from financial, legal to governmental sectors. Residential & moveable asset valuations require insight, infrastructure and reliable data to which DDP has a proven approach developed through many years and multiple projects.

DDP's residential valuation services include:

- Market valuations
- Rental value determination
- Fair value (current, future and past)
- Residential home loan portfolios
- Replacement cost valuations for insurance purposes
- Desktop valuations: A valuation based on existing records resourced through their extensive national database, comparable sales analysis and aerial imaging. Desktop valuations are performed in lieu of actual property examinations, released under a caveat subject to the extent and accuracy of disclosure.