Industrial Valuations

Industrial valuations can be considered specialised due to the wide variety in types of structure that can be included in this category.

DDP has specialised knowledge in industrial property valuation. While most think this is simply a plant and machinery valuation, this sector is diverse and includes the manufacturing sector. An in-depth understanding of the various factors that can affect this property sector is essential to establishing the most accurate valuation outcome. This includes the uniqueness, accessibility, size, age and condition of the property which are considered the value forming attributes of such a property.

Industrial property valuations include: - Mines and quarries - Petrol refineries - Motor vehicle assembly plants - Maritime equipment and harbours - Telecommunication networks - Roadworks - Electricity generation plants - Bulk storage facilities - Cold rooms, dairies and abattoirs - Factories, processing plants and sugar mills - Vacant land identified for industrial property development; and - Residential Properties (Insurance or sequestration purposes).

As most industrial properties are income-generating, valuation requests require specialised knowledge of the asset as well as financial reporting, due diligence and asset planning. DDP’s expert Valuers will apply various valuation methodologies when performing an industrial property valuation to ensure that the most comprehensive outcome is achieved.

Our combined property valuation experience, service and understanding of the industrial property sector will make your next industrial property valuation a pleasure. An Industrial property valuation can include warehouses and distribution centres, manufacturing facilities, cold storage or refrigeration buildings, light or heavy telecoms and data hosting centres and much more.

Get your plant and machinery valuation through a team of Valuers that understand industrial valuations. Contact DDP for a world-class industrial property valuation.